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Written by Bud LeCompte


Tools of The Trade

So maybe You've built your first bass and it came out ...well, just alright. It could have been better. Maybe a lot better. You probably didn't have the right tool for some tasks and had to make do, or maybe you didn't know there was a tool for the job. Sometimes improvisation can spawn some great ideas. Other times the result isn't so good.


Written by Bill Wilkat


This may surprise a lot of people, but you really can get by with very little, but the truth of the matter is, you are going to make it more difficult for yourself, and so saving some extra cash and purchasing good quality tools is the smartest thing you can do.


Well, that's a no-brainer Billy-Boy! But I'm emphasizing this, although I have not always done that-and that's the point.

Essentially, the first plan should be to have a space to work in

Building your own bass guitar

If you are not convinced whenever bass building is for you or if you just have found this page accidentally on the Net, probably you will ask:

"Do I need or should I build my own bass guitar ?"

jerzy_drozd_basic_9_stringsFrom my personal experience as an professional luthier I could find out that about average 90% of bass players would like to build they own bass if they just know how to do it. There is many reasons why bass players could build his own bass building:

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Tools of The Trade So maybe You've built your first bass and it came out ...well,
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