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Everything You Always Wanted To Learn and Know About Perfect Bass Setup

Let´s say you are a bass player maybe for quite some time, for a few or more years, or maybe just for few months or even days. You love your bass guitar and you enjoy playing it.


But here is the point:

You want to know all the secrets of your instrument!

Not only playing and creating music but also how to care for it, how to adjust it correctly how to make a perfect set up to fit your particular needs.

So, you will ask: Where I can learn these skills?







The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Bass Setup is here!

Finally the Ultimate Guide of Perfect Bass Setup is here and this is my answer for all of you searching for a convenient and complete guide for doing bass set ups, maintenance and cleaning.

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Here is what you will learn with this Guide:

  • General cleaning procedures of fretboard, bridge, electronics
  • Correct string installation
  • Setup techniques for neck, bridge and pickup adjustment
  • Advanced Setup techniques for necks with double truss rod system
  • and more...

You will find inside also:

  • radius templates for correct bridge adjustment to fretboard radius
  • tuning tables for standard and ERB (Extended Range Basses) basses
  • and more...



This Ultimate Guide is an open document and will be upgraded often with new additional information. As a Member of Electric Bass Secrets site you will be able to get always latest version of this book


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