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Hello actual Staff writers and future writers and collaborators. If you would like join us as Article Staff Writer or Collaborator, please read carefully this guide for all explanation regarding article writing, editing and delivering for publishing at************************************************************
If you want to submit bass or inlays plans to our STORE please read this article:
-Submitting plans for publication at

If you want to submit ebooks or guides to our STORE please read this article:
-Submitting ebooks & guides for publication at

If you want to submit video courses or tutorials to our STORE please read this article:
-Submitting courses & tutorials for publication at

If you want to submit utilities to our STORE please read this article:
-Submitting utilities for publication at

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Guide for Article Writers
and Collaborators

Be back soon, in mean time please contact us for any information related to this topic.

Staff Writer or Collaborator, which one ?
- Staff Writer definition
Staff writer is an person dedicated to bass building or repair full time or partial time.
Electric Bass Secrets will determine if joining author meets all criteria in order to become staff writer for
Staff writer should write one article each month as minimum and can deliver as many articles as he feels opportune.
In order to become staff writer for you should deliver first three articles at once.


- Collaborator definition
Collaborator for can be any person proffessional or not who has serious comitment in bass building comunity. You do not need to write articles hiwever you can doit if you would like to. You do not need to deliver these articles on montly bassis and there is not minimum articles quantity required.
Collaborator can post articles, help inside community participating at forum, Submitting free or paid bass plans or tutorials.

About Articles
- How many Articles should I deliver ?
- How write Articles ?
- How prepare Articles ?
- How edit Articles to make them ready for publishing ?
- Addition of images
- Which format: .doc, .rtf, .txt to choose ??? 

Personal and Business Information
- Your "About Author" intro text
- Your "About Your Business" intro text 

Delivering your Adds
- Your "About Author" intro text
- Your "About Your Business" intro text 

Your benefits
Here are your benefits from joining as an staff writer or collaborator 
- Your "About Your Business" intro text

How to track effectiveness of your collaboration with Electric Bass Secrets ?
If you would like to track how many readers/customers from Electric Bass Secrets site visit your web site please do follow:

1. Duplicate your main web page ( generally called index.html )

2. Rename this page (index.html copy) and call it : Electric Bass Secrets-stats.html
and put it inside of your web site folder and upload it to your server.

3. Submit to us the full link to this web page. It should look like this: Bass Secrets-stats.html 
were should be replaced with your web site actual name.

4. This page is your landing page for customers who will visit you from Electric Bass Secrets site 

5. To track all visits from Electric Bass Secrets, log in your site statistics page and look for visits generated from this link : 

where your-name.html is your real name we have assigned to your staff writer-bass builder web page inside of Electric Bass Secrets site.

For example for Jerzy Drozd it looks like this: Please note that your default link from Electric Bass Secrets to your web site 
is and you will not be able 
to track visits from 
until you set up correctly your landing page and submit it to us.

If you can not track all traffic generated to your web site from Electric Bass Secrets, 
Electric Bass Secrets will be not responsible for incorrect setup of your 
landing page.
Please review al steps from the beginning. If you have some additional 
problems you can contact us for some help.

If you do not know where is your statistics page for your web site, 
please contact your host provider. 
Have a great time and enjoy writing articles about your passion and what you think you are The Best at, and what you enjoy the Most from entire bass designing, building or upgrading process, in another words: everything related with bass guitar building ! 

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