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As a part of our Electric Bass Secrets project were you can learn all about bass building we will offer you soon waste library of bass building plans, books, guides, courses, tutorials and more... 

Here at Electric Bass Secrets we want to help you to achieve your goal in bass building. While you can learn from bunch of bass building articles which covers every aspect of bass building theory, we go beyond of this, and we want to give you even more ways to learn bass building process.

While Electric Bass Secrets grows each day with new articles full of valuable information we will give you more tools to make things easier for you:

Learn bass building on your own pace
with our video courses and tutorials

Tutorials and Courses

Soon here in Electric Bass Secrets you will be able to download our video courses and tutorials covering bass design and bass building principles starting from very beginner thru advanced levels 

Books and Guides

Learn bass building from books written
by master luthiers
The oldest but very alive way to learn are books. Today technology allow us to enjoy fast downloadable copies of ebooks. Ebooks will be also soon available here for you.

Bass Building Plans

Royalty free Bass building plans and 
Inlay design plans.
You can build your own bass designed by yourself, or you can use our bass building plans royalty free designed by our great luthiers. Inlay design plans will be available as well. All plans will be available as downloads in .pdf and .dxf standard formats.

If you have questions or suggestions for any new product which could help you learn bass building process please feel free to contact us.
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