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Jerzy started building bass guitars at age of 16 in his origin town of Wroclaw in Poland. His fascination by music made decide him that he want to become a bass player. Purchasing a bass was impossible without his father support.

Jerzy already had experience working on some manual projects as hobbyist like miniature flying airplanes, he had no idea about theory of bass building though.

His first bass guitar was build from scratch, using woods and materials available in that time. The only guide Jerzy had was some bass catalogs and famous bass player photos and one "do it yourself" book with short chapter on spanish guitar making.

Jerzy's first bass was already designed by himself and was invaluable base for Jerzy to learn playing a bass guitar. That original first Jerzy's bass was sold making space for his new self build second electric bass, the step forward he made respect quality was huge, but still bass building was rather necessity than passion at that time.

While he was still playing that second bass he was dreaming about commercial bass.
Finally he bought copy of Fender Precision Bass however he get very disappointed and returned to bass building with more persistence: this time Jerzy at age of 18 build series of 10 headless basses designed by himself.

At age of 20 Jerzy decided to move alone into the big unknown world. He ended living in Barcelona Spain where he established himself and after some break he returned to bass building professionally.

At present Jerzy Drozd is a worldwide recognized lutiher building his instruments in his Bass Art Company in Barcelona. Jerzy offers wide range of bass guitars:
from 4 string basses up to 12 string Extended Range Basses of any kind.

His passion for music reminds the same, although he does not play the bass professionally anymore, in the past he shared with his band the same stage with Aerosmith, Alanis Morisette to mention some Big Artists.

Actually Jerzy is working on some new bass designs, managing many projects at the same time. is the latest Jerzy's project where due to his own past experience he want to help anybody turn a dream into reality: make its own bass make it possible and its intention is to arrive to all bass enthusiasts over the world.

This project was impossible without help of other great luthiers, Jerzy counts with some of the finest luthiers in the world who joined his Electric Bass Secrets project.

Jerzy want to say big " THANK YOU " to all of them for believing in this project.


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