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bass-guitar-designers-toolkit-dvdLong time awaited BGDT™ DVD content disc will start shipping this week starting Monday 3 January 2011

First of all my sincere apology for this long delay. This BGDT project took a long time for various reasons. I had to make comprensible and easy structure, record all videos, write the workbook, make the B-Calc™ software and of course make bass guitar CAD parts.
Please remember that I´m not teacher but rather real pro luthier who build and sell bass guitars for living.
This makes all my products REAL STUFF which can be used in real bass building life and not some theoretical ideas.

The last stage of this journey was upping all that stuff I have made to DVD factory and converting it to real thing. As a newbe I am in this recording/writing adventure there I had to overcome some obstacles.
We have tried one company but there was some unexpected and unexplicable delays in DVD production so we have found new company to carry this process.

Of course it took more time than expected and remember at the same time I had to do my day work which is building real instruments. The new DVD company went well but NAMM show was aproaching in the same time so I had to focus on preping instruments for the show.

To make long story short, as I said BGDT DVD is finaly an reality and will start shipping this same week we just start.  That´s it Monday 3 January 2011.

If some of you are willing to visit upcoming Winter NAMM show 13-16 January in Anaheim California, then let me know and I can deliver your DVD personaly. We will be located at Hall D, Booth 2998. Please stop by and say hello ;-))))

Written by :
jerzy drozd
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