The Blue Book of CAD


Save Your Effort, Time and Money Choosing Right CAD Software for Musical Instrument Design process.


CAD software market has changed tremendously over last ten years. When I have started designing musical instruments and specially designing bass guitars using CAD software in 2000 there were just few software options I could consider suitable for bass guitar design.

There was not much to choose from so the decision to be made was quite easy despite of high prices Computer Aided Software had in general.

Things changes quite a bit since these days and todays you can find pletora of CAD software available out there like never before. But here are the questions probably you have:

  • How do I choose the right software for musical instrument design ?

  • Which one willl better suit my particular needs ?

  • How do I choose great CAD program without spending fortune on it ?

  • Do I realy need  to spend months and months  testing all these programs to finally find that 80% are useless for bass guitar design process ?


These are hard questions, specially if you are new to CAD software and to Musical Instrument design ( electric guitar and bass guitar design in particular).

In this New The Little Blue Book of CAD for Musical Instrument Design I respond to all these questions and make your desicion as easy as possible.
You will safe a lot of time choosing right software and you will safe a lot of money if you make right decision on the first sight.

When I first started considering CAD software options for my bass guitar designing process I spend 11 months considering different solutions, but that´s a lot of time !!!

Also I have spend over $3000 in CAD software which resulted inadequate for bass designing before, actualy I find right software for this process.


Do not make the same mistakes as I did !!! Great  designing software does not have to cost fortune !!!

blue-book-of-CAD-3dThe Little Blue Book of CAD for Musical Instrument Design instrument will help you choose right software for your needs in no time, and it will not cost you your kidney.  emoreover one of the best software is actually FREE !!! yes free and you will get instructions how to get it right in this book ( do not worry it´s legal ).

Here is what you will find inside of The Blue Book of CAD:

  • What you have to consider and what is important for great CAD software focused on electric guitar and bass guitar design
  • List of over 20 CAD software listed and comented with links to where you can purchase them or get some of them free.
  • The book covers vide variety of design software for PC and MAC users as well.

Would you spend months on research and wasting $1000´s and $1000¨s  of dollars trying by yourself  which software is the best for you ???


Would you rather choose to buy this book and find easy, fast and unexpensive way to your musical instrument design success right now ???

It´s your decision.



The Little Blue Book of CAD for Musical Instrument Design will be available later this year as stand alone product or as FREE bonus bundled with Bass Design Fundamentals Video Course.

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